Established over 40 years ago, we pioneered the use of cold, spray applied waterproofing systems. We revolutionised expectations of waterproofing performance and ease and safety of application.

Stirling Lloyd scientist at work

Our commitment to break new ground in the design of structural protection and surfacing systems to reduce disruption, lifetime cost and environmental impact, remains just as strong today.

We are immensely proud that our products are protecting infrastructure large and small in over 60 countries across 6 continents. From the Forth Bridge in the UK, to the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, to Hong Kong’s Tsing Ma Suspension Bridge to London’s Olympic Stadium and the holy water sites of Mecca, to protecting Nuclear Fuels at Sellafield and highways and cycle ways across our cities.

We are innovation driven, service led, solution based.

These principles ensure that we continue to push boundaries, delivering effective products that help our customers safeguard infrastructure for the future.

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Bosphorus Bridge Turkey | Stirling Lloyd
Waterloo Station UK | Stirling Lloyd
North Doha Sewage Water Treatment plant Qatar | Stirling Lloyd
Croydon Tunnel UK | Stirling Lloyd

Innovation driven,

service led, solutions based.