Stirling Lloyd Safetrack Patch Packs

Below you can find our range of Safetrack Highway Maintenance Patch Packs. The Patch Packs contain everything required to complete application;

  • Safetrack Crack Infill- our cold, liquid-applied, fast curing crack infill system. 
  • Safetrack EPM- a rapid curing patching material that achieves high early strength and offers flexibility, low shrinkage and good skid resistance. 
  • Safetrack HW- a liquid-applied anti-skid system designed for localised areas of anti-skid, suitable for the rapid, permanent reinstatement of damaged or compromised road surfaces. 
  • Safetrack LM- our range of high-performance cold-plastic road marking systems. 
  • Safetrack Overbanding- a cold, liquid-applied, fast curing overbanding system, designed for the repair of cracks in asphalt surfaces. 
  • Safetrack SC- a liquid-applied, fast curing, UV stable, slip-resistant road colour coating. 

For more information or to find your nearest stockist, please contact us here or call +44 1565 633111 and ask for the Highways department – Beverley Hill.

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