2012 IBC Media Centre MSCP, UK

IBC Media Centre MSCP, SR 1140 Membrane application

IBC Media Centre MSCP, SR 1140 Membrane application

IBC Media Centre MSCP Olympic Hub

IBC Media Centre MSCP Olympic Hub

IBC Media Centre MSCP, SR 1140 Membrane application IBC Media Centre MSCP Olympic Hub

Decseal® system wins waterproofing gold at the 2012 Olympic games protecting MSCP.

Project Overview

In the summer of 2012 all eyes were on the prestigious new Olympic Park in London for the world’s foremost sporting event, the Olympic Games. The Olympic Park hosted thousands of people during the Games and the Olympic Delivery Authority had to ensure that building works carried out on all of the Olympic developments were of the highest standard and that every aspect of the development work was fastidiously planned and delivered. One such critical aspect was the management of water, especially in the northern part of the Olympic Park. The latest techniques were used to manage rain and flood water and this was an important consideration during the development of the multi storey car park of the Olympic Media Centre.

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    Olympic Delivery Authority
  • Main Contractor:
    Byrne Bros
  • Authorised Contractor:
    Stirling Lloyd Construction
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  • Olympic Media Centre MSCP

Product Selection

During the Games the Media Centre supported thousands of broadcasters, photographers and journalists who covered the games to the world. Ensuring the safety and smooth running of the games was a vital consideration. As such, the Olympic Delivery Authority required a high quality waterproofing system to surface the decks of the Media Centre’s car park. The selection criteria included that the system chosen could be applied in cold temperatures and would offer lasting protection. Stirling Lloyd Construction were selected to carry out the work and 12,500m2 of Decseal®, a light weight fully reinforced waterproofing and wearing course system from Stirling Lloyd was applied to the decks of the car park to provide safe, long term waterproofing protection whilst also providing an aesthetically pleasing finish.


The work started in February 2010 and was completed in July of that year. The application was relatively straight forward as this was a new build. Deck preparation involved ride on captive blasters and tensile tests were carried out to confirm that a high bond strength between the membrane and the deck would be achieved. Following application, holiday detection tests were undertaken to confirm waterproofing integrity. To complete the surfacing of the deck and demarcation, Stirling Lloyd Construction also applied the line markings. Safetrack LM Durable in yellow was used to complete the works and mark out the parking bays.


Decseal and Safetrack LM’s rapid application and cure allowed the project to be completed ahead of the programme schedule and within budget while also offering long term durability and colour stability. The use of Stirling Lloyd’s high performance systems ensured that the car park of this prestigious development will be protected for years to come.

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