A78 Greenock Roundabout, Glasgow, UK

A78 Greenock Roundabout (1 of 3)

A78 Greenock Roundabout (1 of 3)

A78 Greenock Roundabout (2 of 3)

A78 Greenock Roundabout (2 of 3)

A78 Greenock Roundabout (3 of 3)

A78 Greenock Roundabout (3 of 3)

A78 Greenock Roundabout (1 of 3) A78 Greenock Roundabout (2 of 3) A78 Greenock Roundabout (3 of 3)

Safetrack® LM Retromax system provides better whole life costing and reduces maintenance.

Project Overview

The A78 Scottish trunk road runs from Greenock on the River Clyde, just to the west of Glasgow, down the Ayrshire coast to Prestwick. The road incorporates a multi-laned roundabout in Greenock itself.

This well used roundabout is subjected to high levels of wear from a range of vehicles including HGVs accessing the towns busy port and cars heading to Glasgow Airport.

Amey had been monitoring the thermoplastic line markings used on the roundabout and noticed they had once again worn significantly over a relatively short period of time.

Fading thermoplastics

Consequently Amey, the operating company responsible for maintaining the road on behalf of Transport Scotland, wanted a longer lasting, hard wearing line marking system for the necessary refurbishment. Line Markings Ltd who do much of the reinstatement works for Amey in the area proposed the use of the Safetrack® LM Retromax system for the approximately 400 linear metres of lines and lettering on the roundabout.

Utilising Stirling Lloyd’s advanced resin technology, Safetrack LM is a highly durable system, ideal for areas of high wear. Unlike the previously used thermoplastic markings, Safetrack LM is a thermoset material whose properties mean that even in summer temperatures with heavy trafficking the material does not soften and wear out, providing a longer service life and a more cost effective solution.

Night application

Safetrack LM’s simple and speedy application together with the systems cold temperature cure properties enabled Line Markings Ltd to quickly and successfully install the line markings during the night closures, which were a pre-requisite on the contract, without the extended cure times associated with systems based on other resins. Being a cold-applied material, Safetrack LM removed the need for hot trades on the site providing safety benefits to both operatives and the public alike as well as well as reducing on-site carbon production.

To further enhance the visibility of the roundabout’s markings high quality glass beads, which provided high levels of retroreflectivity, were cast into the material whilst it was still wet. By selecting the Safetrack LM Retromax system, Amey can rest assured that they have a bright, durable lining system assisting driver safety and traffic delineation on this important roundabout and they will not be needing to replace these lines anytime soon.


Thanks to the simple and speedy application of the Safetrack LM Retromax system, the scheduled work was able to be completed during the allotted night closures.

Due to the new system installed, road users will not only benefit from less disruption from maintenance works, but will also benefit from an improved safety aspect, thanks to the high levels of retroreflectivity Safetrack LM Retromax has.

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