Aegon Insurance MSCP, Edinburgh, UK

AEG Insurance MSCP (1 of 3)

AEG Insurance MSCP (1 of 3)

AEG Insurance MSCP (2 of 3)

AEG Insurance MSCP (2 of 3)

AEG Insurance MSCP (3 of 3)

AEG Insurance MSCP (3 of 3)

AEG Insurance MSCP (1 of 3) AEG Insurance MSCP (2 of 3) AEG Insurance MSCP (3 of 3)

Decseal® gives leading insurance specialist long term assurance in MSCP refurbishment.

Project Overview

Aegon, the leading insurance specialist provider, was looking to refurbish the Multi Storey Car Park at their Edinburgh office.The structure which was built around eighteen year ago and provides parking for all the staff based at Aegon House was in desperate need of refurbishment.

The existing PU based waterproofing and wearing course system was not only showing signs of wear but leaks had developed which if untreated could compromise the integrity of the structure. There was also a need to make concrete repairs to the structure.



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  • Client:
    Aegon Insurance
  • Main Contractor:
    The Fraser Bruce Group
  • Authorised Contractor:
    The Fraser Bruce Group

Product Selection

The client wished to replace the failing existing system with one that would offer durable and effective waterproofing system that would provide not only longevity of service life but that also could be supplied in a wide range of colours to enable the car park colour scheme to incorporate Aegon’s corporate colours in line with their branding guidelines.

Stirling Lloyd’s Decseal® waterproofing and wearing course system and Safetrack LM Line Marking system were proposed by Fraser Bruce Group and their specification was approved by the client, engineer and Management Company; FES FM of Stirling.

Both systems would fulfill the clients need of providing a tough and durable solution with the ability to enable a wide variety of colours to be used on the car park. Another major benefit of the Decseal system for the client was the ability that, if small areas of damage occurred due to the materials ability to chemically bond to itself a simple re-application of material to the damaged area would be required as opposed to a costly refurbishment of the structure.


Prior to the new system being applied, the old one was removed by poly-planing and the decks grit blasted.

To further enhance the strong bond between the car parks substrate and the Decseal system – a large factor in the long term performance of a car park coating system, Stirling Lloyds PAR1 primer was applied to the substrate. Once this had cured – in under 40 minutes, the Decseal membrane was then cold, spray-applied to around 6,500m2, with wet film gauge tests throughout the application confirming the correct thickness had been applied. Over the beam heads and where cracks in the structure were discovered post-deck preparation a stripe coat embedding reinforcement scrim was applied to further enhance the durability and crack-bridging capability of the system in these areas. Due to the membranes quick cure, this was quickly followed over all areas by the application of the Decseal Wearing Course which provides the system anti-skid properties and aesthetic finish. The speed and ease of application of the two elements ensured that disruption was kept to a bare minimum.

The Safetrack LM line marking system was then applied throughout the car park providing clear demarcation between the parking bays, the driving isles and pedestrian areas.


The refurbishment of Aegon Insurance’s MSCP has breathed new life into what was an aging structure. Decseal’s rapid installation, longevity and its ability to colour match the clients corporate colours has ensured this structure now has a long and bright future with the benefit of reduced maintenance costs. This project was a perfect example of the benefits a top quality, specifically designed car park waterproofing and wearing course system has to offer.


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