Airport Car Park Applications, UK

Stansted Airport Car Park (1 of 2)

Stansted Airport Car Park (1 of 2)

Stansted Airport Car Park (2 of 2)

Stansted Airport Car Park (2 of 2)

Gatwick Airport Car Park (1 of 2)

Gatwick Airport Car Park (1 of 2)

Gatwick Airport Car Park (2 of 2)

Gatwick Airport Car Park (2 of 2)

Stansted Airport Car Park (1 of 2) Stansted Airport Car Park (2 of 2) Gatwick Airport Car Park (1 of 2) Gatwick Airport Car Park (2 of 2)

Safetrack® SC increases safety at busy London airports with clear and vibrant demarcation.




Client: British Airports Authority (BBA)

Main Contractor: Kier Eastern

Applied by: Roadgrip Ltd.

Safetrack® SC, Stirling Lloyd’s colour demarcation system, is ideally suited for use by the aviation industry, both land and airside. Benefits of the system include; High slip-resistance and vibrant colour increases safety of car park users, minimum maintenance required, high durability and UV resistance ensures a long service life, the cold application reduces the health and safety issues when working in close proximity to aircraft and passengers.



Following a 500m2 trial on Stansted Airport’s Mid Stay Car Park, operators BAA were so pleased with the quality of the product and the installation by applicator, Roadgrip Ltd, that they specified the product to be used on 6,000m2 of Zones A, B & C of the airports Long Stay Car Park.

Previously used systems had sunk into the new tarmac so Stirling Lloyd suggested the use of their Metaset® Scratchcoat levelling screed which reduced the surface texture depth and would help ensure a quality finish. Once this had cured, in under an hour, Safetrack® SC, pigmented Capri Blue or Chrome Green was applied. This was simply poured onto the surface, spread out evenly with a serrated rubber squeegee and then rollered to achieve the desired texture.

Once the Safetrack® SC had cured, again in under an hour, the surface was subjected to a pendulum test, a standard, quality assurance practice with Stirling Lloyd, to confirm that the high slip resistance values required had been met. The line markings were then applied and the system was ready to be trafficked straight away.

The speedy application and rapid cure of Safetrack® SC helped ensure that the refurbishment work was completed and the car park re-opened to passengers within the tight three week deadline.



Second Car Park

Gatwick Airport

Client: British Airports Authority (BBA)

Main Contractor: Osbourne

Applied by: Paintline Southern

As part of an ongoing project at Gatwick Airport to improve and increase the parking facilities 10,000m2 of Safetrack® SC pigmented Chrome Green or Road Red has been used on the Long Stay Car Park. Applied to the walkways and at the bus drop-off points, the durable coloured surfacing has defined these areas making them more visible and so improving safety for pedestrians and vehicular traffic.

Despite the wet and cold weather experienced during the contract, the application of Safetrack® SC continued on schedule with no detriment to quality, all that was required was that the surface was dried prior to application.

As well as coping with the weather the coloured surfacing had to be applied to both stone mastic asphalt and concrete; substrates which many products struggle to achieve adequate adhesion to. However Safetrack® SC attains high bond strengths to a wide variety of surfaces, including concrete. On this contract, this was confirmed on-site by patti tests carried out by Stirling Lloyd’s Technical Department prior to application.

This time applied by Paintline Southern Ltd., as at Stansted Airport, Safetrack® SC was simply poured out, smoothed over and rollered. The slip resistance was then measured with a pendulum test, which confirmed the required values had been achieved and the car park returned to service to provide its invaluable service to airline passengers.

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