Autokomanda Tram Bridge, Serbia

Finished Application

Finished Application

Finished Application

Eliminator® system applied rapidly and with ease in complex conditions.


Project Overview

The Eliminator Bridge Deck Waterproofing system has been used to waterproof the Autokomanda Tram Bridge in Belgrade, Serbia. The systems combination of ease of installation and superior physical properties meant the deck could be successfully waterproofed despite the fact the tram rails were already in place on the bridge.

  • Region:
  • Location:
    Belgrade, Serbia
  • Client:
    City of Belgrade
  • Main Contractor:
    Neshvyl, Belgrade, Serbia
  • Authorised Contractor:
    Mostprojekt, Belgrade, Serbia
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  • Autokomanda Tram Bridge

Product Selection

The waterproofing was carried out during the beginning of 2007 when the temperature fell from over 10oC to near 0oC. The constant expectation was that the temperature would drop below zero. However this was not a problem for the Eliminator® waterproofing system. Besides these temperatures, rain and snow were regular occurrences and the Eliminator® system alongside all other works had to be completed in a short work window despite these conditions.


The tram rails were laid on a PU under layer that was cast on site in a 25mm thick layer. This PU cured in 48 hours after which the Eliminator® waterproofing system was applied. Prior to work commencing on site, testing was undertaken by the Serbian Highway Institute to measure the bond strength achieved between the PU and Eliminator membrane.

The results showed a strength, which the PU manufacturer requested be a minimum of 1.5N/ mm², greater > 2.3N/mm². This value was not the limit of the system, but the value recorded before the PU broke down within its own structure.

The high bond value achieved between the Eliminator® system and PU was a result of using the extremely strong adhesive, CW1. This product has superior performance characteristics and even offers the possibility of bonding under water

The refurbishment works on the Autokomanda Bridge were planned in such a way that all works had to be carried out quickly to a strict programme. After the Eliminator® system had been applied, kerbstones and polymer concrete pedestrian walkways were laid on the membrane as well as the concrete works for the rails. Due to these operations, the waterproofing had to be applied in sections.


Despite the work of other trades dictating the work schedule, the difficult weather conditions and the complex detailing required due to the rails being in-situ, 600m² per day of Eliminator® system was applied. This speed of application, together within the systems cure, which meant other trades could be working on the applied system within 1 hour, was a major advantage for using the Eliminator® system on these refurbishment works.

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