Chapel En-Le-Frith Roundabout, Derbyshire, UK

Chapel En-Le-Frith (1of 3)

Chapel En-Le-Frith (1of 3)

Chapel En-Le-Frith (2 of 3)

Chapel En-Le-Frith (2 of 3)

Chapel En-Le-Frith (3 of 3)

Chapel En-Le-Frith (3 of 3)

Chapel En-Le-Frith (1of 3) Chapel En-Le-Frith (2 of 3) Chapel En-Le-Frith (3 of 3)

Safetrack® LM minimises disruption while providing better whole life costing on busy roundabout.

Project overview

Button Roundabouts are subjected to high levels of wear as drivers rarely go round the roundabout, tending to drive over the marking instead. Consequently thermoplastic road markings have to be regularly reinstated, which is costly both in terms of actual cost and disruption to the traffic.

The button roundabout on the B5470 in the heart of Chapel-en-le-Frith in Derbyshire is no exception with the wear exacerbated as it is situated at the entrance of a busy supermarket.



The System

To provide a longer lasting line marking system and end the costly cycle of reinstatement Derbyshire County Council specified the use of Stirling Lloyd’s advanced resin based Safetrack® LM Retromax system. Not only does the system improve safety with higher retroreflectivity but also is highly durable - lasting 5 times longer than most traditional linings.

The project included the application of approximately 370 linear metres of the Safetrack LM Retromax system. Of which formed the roundabout itself and the give-way lines on the approach roads to the Chapel En-Le-Frith button roundabout.

The new system was applied by WJ Roadmarkings Ltd, an approved contractor based in Staffordshire. Safetrack LM’s cold weather tolerance and rapid cure times, even at low temperatures, enabled the application to take place at night, minimising the disruption to road users and the supermarkets trade.

The retroreflectivity and durability of Safetrack LM will ensure that the road markings will be highly visible to road users, even in poor weather, for many years to come.


All the scheduled works in upgrading the Chapel En-Le-Frith button roundabout took place at night, minimising disruption to local traffic and the busy supermarket.

This was largely attributed to Safetrack LM’s ability to cure at low temperatures. The new system will ensure road users benefit from improved safely, as well as Derbyshire County Council having improved whole life costing, for many years to come.

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