City Of Dreams, China

City of Dreams, Artists Impression

City of Dreams, Artists Impression

City of Dreams, Application (1 of 2)

City of Dreams, Application (1 of 2)

City of Dreams, Application (2 of 2)

City of Dreams, Application (2 of 2)

City of Dreams, Artists Impression City of Dreams, Application (1 of 2) City of Dreams, Application (2 of 2)

Protecting Structures.

City of Dreams, the Las Vegas of the East, is located in Macau, China. The site, which contains six glamorous hotels, 200 shops and 39,000mof gaming space, sits on a multi-storey podium deck. 

To protect the prestigious development against water ingress the project required a waterproofing solution that would not only be effective but would also be able to cope with the complex detailing, numerous day joints and on-site challenges. Integritank was selected and recommended by Peter Hartog of Building Diagnostics Asia Pacific (BDAP), who was acting as waterproofing consultant to the Leighton Asia-China State-John Holland Joint Venture partners.

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  • Client:
    Melco Crown Entertainment
  • Main Contractor:
    Leighton, China State, John Holland Joint Venture
  • Authorised Contractor:
    Astel (Macao) Ltd
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Basement & Podium Waterproofing

Prior to application of the waterproofing system the substrate was prepared using a combination of shot blasting and water jetting techniques. Tensile adhesion tests were then taken to confirm that the required bond strength of membrane to substrate of 1MPa would be achieved. Once these had been completed the substrate was then sealed with Stirling Lloyd’s PA1 primer, to ensure that there would be no outgassing from the concrete and further enhancing the adhesion of the subsequent membrane. Once the primer had cured the Integritank® membrane was then spray applied to 95,000mof the basement and podium in two colour contrasting coats. This quality control measure was backed up by wet film thickness tests carried out throughout application which helped ensure that the required 2mm thickness was achieved. Once the final, second coat had cured the membrane was electrically integrity tested to confirm the integrity of the system and that it was 100% effective.

Dancing Water Theatre Kept Afloat

As in Las Vegas, visitors to City of Dreams will be able to experience extravagant shows, one of which is ‘The House of Dancing Water’, which will be a permanent feature of the site. The show takes place in one of the largest commercial pools in the world, which holds approximately 14,000m3 of water. For this area, the required waterproofing needed to be effective, but it also needed to incorporate a black finish to accentuate the depth of the pool and be a resilient surface so that it was scratch-proof.


Day Joints, Details & Other On Site Challenges

On such a large site the waterproofing work was phased. In fact the programme meant the Integritank had to be installed over a two year period with consequently numerous day joints created. As Integritank does not have a critical overcoating time and bonds to itself irrespective of the time between applications its use meant this potential issue was overcome.

This long build schedule also meant the Integritank membrane was often left exposed for extended periods. The systems resistance to ponding water and UV as well as its robustness meant that this exposure as well as site traffic from following trades posed no issues for the Integritank system.

In addition Integritank’s thixotropic nature and liquid spray application allowed the complex details and numerous upstands on the site to be easily accommodated, with these areas being effectively protected quickly and easily.


The choice of Integritank removed the gamble from the waterproofing of this prestigious development. It enabled an extended, potentially difficult waterproofing contract to be successfully completed and has given the City of Dreams a waterproofing system which will provide a long service life and effective protection for many years to come.

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