Eden Project, Cornwall, UK

Eden Project, Cornwall, UK (1 of 3)

Eden Project, Cornwall, UK (1 of 3)

Eden Project, Cornwall, UK (2 of 3)

Eden Project, Cornwall, UK (2 of 3)

Eden Project, Cornwall, UK (3 of 3)

Eden Project, Cornwall, UK (3 of 3)

Eden Project, Cornwall, UK (1 of 3) Eden Project, Cornwall, UK (2 of 3) Eden Project, Cornwall, UK (3 of 3)

Safetrack® system complements unique visitor attraction without compromising on safety.

Project Overview

Stirling Lloyd’s Safetrack® system has been used on all the exterior walkways at the internationally renowned Eden Project in Cornwall.

The development, which is home to the largest conservatory in the world, was built on the site of a disused china clay quarry, and its footpaths can become fairly steep in places. The site stretches from the car park, down to the main entrance and visitor centre, and then continues down and around the 50 metre deep crater remaining from the quarry. Along the way visitors pass through the indoor and outdoor exhibits, comprising thousands of plants and an interpretation of the world’s climatic zones, known as Biomes.

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    Cornwall, UK
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    Cornwall County Council
  • Main Contractor:
    Alfred Mcalpine
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The Application

Safetrack is a liquid applied slip resistant surfacing system which provides a safe, hard-wearing surface suitable for use in a wide variety of pedestrian and vehicular areas and complies with the physical properties required in Clause 924: “Resin Based Skid Resistance Surface Treatment” (UK Specification for Highways Works 1994). The standard grade of Safetrack can accommodate slopes of up to 6% and was used for the majority of the footpaths, where the paths became particularly steep, the purpose designed “ramp grade” was used. This feature made the ideal choice for the paths throughout the Eden Project.

The contract to apply the system was awarded to Cormac, Cornwall County Council’s engineering department.

Neil Barnes of the Eden Project commented: “The Eden Project has been designed to promote the understanding and responsible management of the vital relationship between plants, people, and resources, leading towards a sustainable future for us all. It has quickly become one of the most successful tourist attractions in the UK. Since opening its doors in March it has attracted over 1.5 million visitors, which is double its original twelve month target.”

“We were very keen that the whole of the project was aesthetically pleasing and didn’t want the walkways to look like big black stripes throughout the project. The range of colours available to us using Safetrack allowed us to protect the paths and walkways, yet keep a constant theme throughout the landscape. We are extremely pleased with the finished project, and with the number of visitors increasing each month, we are assured that the walkways will provide a safe and durable wearing surface”.

Aesthetic options

The highly slip-resistant system is quick, easy and economical to apply and has excellent adhesion properties to a variety of substrates.

A range of natural colours is available, and in this case a Chinese bauxite aggregate was used to produce the aesthetically pleasing buff yellow that can be seen throughout the walkways to the Biomes.


The Safetrack system has provided a surface that not only offers a high degree of skid resistance but, almost as importantly, complements the uniquely and carefully designed visitor attraction. Such was the success of Safetrack on the walkways at the Eden Project that the material was also used to provide added safety to the pedestrian areas at the base of the quarry that divides the Biomes.

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