M42 Motorway, UK

Safetrack Crack Infill - M42 Motorway (1 of 3)

Safetrack Crack Infill - M42 Motorway (1 of 3)

Safetrack Crack Infill - M42 Motorway (2 of 3)

Safetrack Crack Infill - M42 Motorway (2 of 3)

Safetrack Crack Infill - M42 Motorway (3 of 3)

Safetrack Crack Infill - M42 Motorway (3 of 3)

Safetrack Crack Infill - M42 Motorway (1 of 3) Safetrack Crack Infill - M42 Motorway (2 of 3) Safetrack Crack Infill - M42 Motorway (3 of 3)

Highway Maintenance.

The M42 motorway runs north east from Bromsgrove in Worcestershire to south west of Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire. Amey Area 9 who are the sole provider to the Highways Agency of management services for, and maintenance of the motorway network throughout the Midlands, identified the problem of fretted joints in the wheel tract to the road surface along a large stretch of the M42 close to Birmingham Airport and the NEC Arena. Faced with the prospect of completely removing the road surface if left untreated, leading to major disruption and great cost, Amey quickly set out to find an effective and durable repair method.

Their search concluded that Stirling Lloyd’s HAPAS approved Safetrack® Crack Infill system was the ideal solution. The system is designed to arrest further decay of the road surface by filling the gap or fretted joint, supporting the edges of the asphalt whilst preventing water from penetrating the road structure.


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    Line Markings Ltd

Proven In-Situ

Before the work was to begin in earnest, Amey Area 9 wanted to test the system over a six week period on a 100 linear metre stretch of the affected motorway. The system proved highly successful, both in application and performance and so was selected to complete the remainder of the works, approximately 17,000 linear metres.

Hard Wearing

Due to the climatic conditions and heavy trafficking experienced along this route it was essential that the system used was robust and hard wearing. Safetrack Crack Infill is based on an advanced, proven durable resin and therefore Amey could be confident in the longevity of the reinstatement.

Rapid Installation

The works had to be carried out over a series of night time closures, with the road closing at 11pm and having to be reopened to traffic by 4am the following morning - leaving a five hour window to set out the traffic management, prepare the crack, apply the Safetrack Crack Infill and remove the traffic control. Minimal preparation was required, the simple cleaning and where necessary drying of the crack, before the Safetrack Crack Infill could be applied and this combined with the systems simple but speedy application techniques and fast cure ensured the treatment of approximately 1,000 linear metres per shift, despite the tight time constraint laid down.

In fact, the systems ease and speed of application meant that specialist contractor Line Markings Ltd, who were awarded the contract to apply the Safetrack Crack Infill, were able to complete the works in under three weeks, one week ahead of schedule with minimal disruption to road users.

Amey Area 9 were so impressed with the performance and speed of application of Safetrack Crack Infill that Line Markings Ltd were asked to return a few weeks later and complete a further 3,600 linear metres, which they completed in just three nights – averaging 1,200 linear metres per shift.

Long Term Protection

By selecting Stirling Lloyd’s HAPAS approved Safetrack Crack Infill system Amey Area 9 can rest assured that the reinstatement work on the M42 has not only been completed well ahead of schedule, aiding traffic flows but also that the reinstatement will remain sealed and so protect against future water ingress despite the harsh in-service conditions the system will experience.

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