Priority Schools Building Programme, UK

Awkward Detailing

Awkward Detailing

Bedford Drive Primary

Bedford Drive Primary

Site Performance Testing

Site Performance Testing

Spray Application

Spray Application

Completed Roof Deck

Completed Roof Deck

Awkward Detailing Bedford Drive Primary Site Performance Testing Spray Application Completed Roof Deck

Integritank® system is waterproofing of choice for priority schools building programme. 

Project overview

The Priority Schools Building Programme is a nationwide government initiative to improve schools that are in urgent need of repair. Under this programme, 260 schools are being rebuilt across the UK, with a completion date set for December 2017.

Grouped together by geographical region, the schools requiring the most work were prioritised, with construction work beginning in 2014.

With 12 new schools to be constructed in the North West phase, including seven primary schools, it was important that the work was carried out quickly, to ensure that the strict timelines were met. As part of
the construction, new inverted roofing was required
on all 12 schools. The waterproofing system would be applied directly to a zero falls flat concrete deck; Stirling Lloyd’s Integritank® was selected over the original Hot Melt system as a preferred solution to meet programme requirements. 


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    Education Funding Agency (EFA)
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    Morgan Sindall
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Product Selection

Main contractor Morgan Sindall
was responsible for the design and construction of the 12 new schools, appointed by the Education Funding Agency (EFA). The new schools in the North West benefitting from the Priority Schools Building Programme are located in Blacon, Wigan, Neston, Prenton, Blackpool, Birkenhead, Halton, Stockport and Manchester.

To meet the demanding programme requirements, specialist sub- contractor VolkerLaser offered
a protective solution, specifying Stirling Lloyd’s Integritank for the waterproofing of the new inverted roofs. The main benefit of using this system over others was the significant time savings. Integritank can be applied on 7-day old concrete, instead of the usual 28-day period that competitor products require before application. As such, the waterproofing phase could be carried out much quicker with Integritank.

A fast curing time was also critical to the project, with Integritank curing
in 30-35 minutes – essential for completing the waterproofing work on time and enabling other trades to rapidly access the roof to undertake their phase of the work.

In addition, Integritank was specified for its ease of application. The use of this cold, spray-applied membrane meant that it improved on-site
 health and safety with the added benefit of speed – achieving up to 500m2 per day – typically double
the installation rate of the previously specified Hot Melt. And with BBA (British Board of Agrément) approval for use on flat roofs, Integritank met all Morgan Sindall’s requirements for the waterproofing.

On site it turned out to be wettest winter on record, which together with high winds, meant the conditions
for the construction work were challenging. As such, Integritank’s benefits of quick application, being weather tolerant during application and being be able to withstand the adverse weather conditions once applied, came to the fore.



Authorised Contractor VolkerLaser applied the system as part of their role to provide specialist structural protection works – applying between 1,000 and 2,000m2 of Integritank at each school.

Throughout the first construction phase, as well as approximately 8,500m2 of Stirling Lloyd Integritank waterproofing being applied, over a thousand paving slabs have been laid and over 8,000m2 of vertical insulation and 20,000m2 of horizontal insulation slabs placed.

The first phase of structural protection works was completed
in March 2016, benefitting seven schools and around 4,000 school children, ready for their return after Easter for the start of summer term.

The next phase of the project is estimated to cover 12,000m2, with even more challenging conditions expected. The next schools will have to address inner-city logistical issues with cranes on public car parks, as well as facing high coastal winds on the sea fronts of Blackpool.

Positive Results

Richard Woodward, site manager at VolkerLaser for the 12 sites in the North West comments: “The Priority Schools Building Programme is an important government initiative to be involved in, and through this project we’re committed to improving the school environment for the North West community.

“Working together with Stirling Lloyd meant that we could deliver great results in a short space of time. We were safe in the knowledge that using Integritank would ensure valuable time savings. Saving three weeks of programme time at each of the twelve sites equated to 36 weeks in total, unquestionably a significant programme saving for Morgan Sindall.”


The use of Integritank as a waterproofing system meant that 12 schools could be effectively, efficiently and quickly waterproofed, keeping to the tight time schedule. The fast curing time also ensured that other trades could quickly access the site, which was essential in this fast-paced and challenging project.

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