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Wolverhampton CC - Grey & Blue

Wolverhampton CC - Grey & Blue

Wolverhampton Civic Centre (1 of 3)

Wolverhampton Civic Centre (1 of 3)

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Wolverhampton Civic Centre (2 of 3)

Wolverhampton Civic Centre (3 of 3)

Wolverhampton Civic Centre (3 of 3)

Wolverhampton CC - Grey & Blue Wolverhampton Civic Centre (1 of 3) Wolverhampton Civic Centre (2 of 3) Wolverhampton Civic Centre (3 of 3)

Decseal® waterproofing of choice for Wolverhampton Civic Centre’s £2m car park.

Project Overview

In March 2016, Main Contractor Speller Metcalfe was selected to undertake the £18 million refit of the venue. As well as introducing modern and innovative designs, the renovation also aimed to increase the Civic Centre’s capacity to a total of 5,000 people, including upgraded access for disabled visitors. To help meet this objective, the refurbishment of the multi-level basement car park was a key focus of the project.

The £2 million car park refit included concrete repairs, a new anti-skid surfacing system, anti-carbonation coatings, new payment systems, lighting and sprinkler systems. Specialist subcontractor VolkerLaser was selected to take the lead on the car park refurbishment and Stirling Lloyd Polychem supplied the new slip resistant surfacing, offering a fast-curing protective solution: the Decseal® Wearing Course. The work was carries out in phases from the end of July to September 2016 to tie in with the wider refurbishment plans.

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Product Selection

The main benefit of using the specified Decseal Wearing Course solution was that it’s speed and ease of application over other systems would suit the tight time frame, and enable the wider refurbishment programme to be met. The system can be applied to seven-day old concrete, enabling the application to begin as much as three weeks earlier than other systems. While the liquid application and strong intra-coat adhesion the system achieves allows for an unlimited over-coating time and eliminates adhesion issues at day joints and provides for easy detailing facilitating contract progression – a key factor for this project. 

As well as providing ease and speed of application, Decseal Wearing Course was also the safest choice, as the system is cold applied, it requires no hot trades and no ‘Hot Work Permits’ thereby reducing the risk of injury and fires. The Bauxite aggregates also offer exceptional wear and skid resistance, making the surface safer for car park visitors. 

The Local Authority wanted to make sure the new car park had a brighter, fresher and more modern appearance. The Stirling Lloyd Decseal Wearing Course provided a choice of 6 standard colours, with bespoke colours available, offering the designers a wide selection to play with to create a fresh look, with different zones highlighted within the car park. The slipresistant wearing course is coloured throughout its full depth and the colour is maintained even with surface wear.    


Before applying the Decseal Wearing Course system, the car park surface was prepared by shot blasting, with a light grind in some areas. Tensile adhesion tests were undertaken to confirm that the bond between the Decseal Wearing Couse system and the substrate would exceed the required value. The application of a primer played its part in this as it penetrates and seals the substrate, further enhancing the bond between the Decseal Wearing Course and the substrate.                             

Once the substrate preparation had been completed VolkerLaser applied Stirling Lloyd’s Decseal Wearing Course system to the concrete substrate quickly, safely and effectively, across all four levels.

The speed of completion was assisted by the system’s fast curing technology, with the material curing and being able to be trafficked in approximately 30 – 40 minutes even at low temperatures. 

Decseal Wearing Course was applied in variety of bold and vibrant colours, including grey, blue, red and yellow, to enable the clear zoning of different areas and spaces within the car park.

Positive Results

With a speedy, problem free quality application the new multi-level car park was able to open on time. Aside from providing a stylish and modern new structural design, the project also helped to create new jobs for the local community. 

Terry Fearfield, Area Sales Manager for the Midlands and South West at Stirling Lloyd comments: “Decseal Wearing Course has provided a fast and easy solution for this basement car park. The bold colours give easy differential for the visitors and provide a smart bright appearance.” 

Steve Sutton, project manager at VolkerLaser adds: “We are extremely happy with the final result. We were able to apply Stirling Lloyd’s Decseal Wearing Course system quickly and effectively, delivering a fantastic finished piece to benefit visitors for years to come.”


The Decseal Wearing Course was the coating of choice for the Wolverhampton Civic Centre multi-level basement car park refurbishment as it offered great speed and ease of application, with proven durability and minimal on-going maintenance requirements. This long lasting protection provides savings of both time and money. The range of colours available enabled the clear zoning of different areas, resulting in a modern, fresh look and a high quality finish that promises to stand the test of time.

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