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It's not the MMA that makes Stirling Lloyd products so good… it's our ESSELAC technology.

  • Why is it important you know?

Other products containing MMA are entering the market claiming to offer the same installation and performance benefits as our products, we need to set the record straight.

MMA is just one ingredient in our unique solutions.

  • Our Secret Ingredient...

The real secret behind our proven product performance is our complex polymer technology, ESSELAC.

ESSELAC lies at the heart of our systems - developed, tested and proven over more than 40 years. 

And, we don't just make a single ESSELAC resin, we have perfected several dozen unique polymer resins, each of which lends specific characteristics to the final product, its installation and in-situ performance. ESSELAC is our proprietary polymer technology and is a closely guarded secret.

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Your Questions Answered!

  • What is MMA?

MMA stands for the chemical methyl methacrylate. Examples of common uses for MMA include replacement hip joints, perspex and dental cement, all very different applications requiring differing performance characteristics.

  • What does ESSELAC do?

ESSELAC provides the ability for our technical team to flex the characteristics of our products to meet the specific needs of your waterproofing or highway maintenance requirements.

  • Why haven't we mentioned ESSELAC previously?

The detail behind ESSELAC is a closely guarded company secret.

Historically, one of the most obvious distinguishing features of our products has been the presence of the chemical methyl methacrylate (MMA) in the formulation, no one else used it so it became the branded message associated with our product quality and performance.

Recently, competitors have introduced products containing MMA, all with different levels of performance so it's important to be clear, it’s ESSELAC that makes our products stand out. 


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