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Knutsford, UK - Safetrack Overbanding

Swansea, UK - Safetrack Crack Infill

£12 billion is needed to bring the English and Welsh local road network up to scratch!

The Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance Survey (ALARM 2017) produced by the Asphalt Industry Alliance has been released and takes a look at the general condition of local road networks. As an independent survey of local authority highway departments, it aims to provide a way of tracking any road improvement or deterioration in England and Wales.

The survey asks relevant questions in terms of funding, type of maintenance and issues affecting service levels in order to ensure the results will provide a valid context.

Mike Harper, Head of Highways for Stirling Lloyd and director of Road Surface Treatment Association (RSTA) comments

“Local authority spending was reduced 16% last year for highways and there are rumours of a further 15% cut this year. It really is a case of ‘poor and getting worse’ and the 2017 ALARM survey findings bear testament to the lack of investment.”

“It’s clear that in the wake of HMEP and in the spirit of asset management, best value and lowest whole life cost, the industry needs to look for long-term solutions”

“There are now a wide range of effective surface treatments for asphalt available across the UK, which can extend pavement life at a fraction of the cost of planing up and resurfacing. Consideration also needs to given to the new generation of overbanding systems, such as Safetrack Overbanding, which provide a solution for low cost, liquid applied sealing materials for asphalt seams.”


The Full Report can be found here at asphaltuk.org


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