The RTSA Petition

Mike Harper & Example of Re-instatment failure

Every year there is a constant debate over the state of potholes on our road networks, highlighted in this years ALARM survey, with a squeeze on public finances and it’s knock on effects to road maintenance.

This year however the Road Surface Treatment Association (RSTA) aims to tackle this issue with a formal petition to parliament. The Petition requests an additional 2p per litre of existing fuel duty to be re-routed into road maintenance to specifically combat the ever growing pothole issue, adding an estimated £1billion per year devoted to moving beyond reactionary treatment to preventative solutions such as our HAPAS certified systems Safetrack Crack Infill and Safetrack Overbanding.

The RSTA aims to raise over 100,000 signatures in order for the problem to be considered for debate in parliament and are calling for everyone within the industry to add their name to the petition. The industry can help drive the change needed and only takes a few minutes to complete by following the link below. - Petition now Closed

Mike Harpers comments have also made it to an article in the surveyor transport network.


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