Queensferry Crossing set to open!

Queensferry Crossing

Primer ready for Eliminator Coat on Queensferry Crossing

Eliminator cold, spray applied onto Queensferry Crossing deck

Eliminator on Queensferry Crossing

Bond Coat 3 on Queensferry Crossing

Queensferry Crossing set to open!
At the centre of the upgrade to the cross-Forth transport corridor is the new Queensferry Crossing bridge. The iconic structure will replace the existing Forth Road Bridge as the primary vehicular crossing over the River Forth, carrying motorway traffic through the major transport route. The crossing will be open to traffic on August the 30th, closed on the 2nd & 3rd of September to allow for 50,000 pedestrians the chance to walk across the deck and opened by the Queen at the official ceremony on the 4th September.

The Queensferry Crossing will break the record of the longest three-tower, cable stayed bridge in the world and the largest to feature cables with a cross mid-span. Queensferry’s visual elegance is an indication of its state-of-the-art design which provides extra strength to the structure as well as pioneering wind shielding technology.

Stirling Lloyd’s Eliminator® was the bridge deck waterproofing system of choice. Eliminator was spray-applied in phases and despite the low winter temperatures during the beginning of the project , application ran smoothly and a grand total of  94,380m2 will have been used on the bridge.

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Official Opening:

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