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Whatever your challenge, we at Stirling Lloyd work hard to find the right waterproofing or surfacing solution. We love innovating and thinking outside the box. So much that we invite you to put us to the test!

Over the last 40 years, we have protected and extended the lifespan of countless tunnels and bridges throughout the United States and Canada. At Stirling Lloyd, we are proud of our heritage as pioneers – and excited about our future as innovators in our field.


With Eliminator we created the world’s first cold, spray applied bridge membrane with no vulnerable joints.

Globally, For over 30 years Eliminator has amassed an unparalleled track record with even the very first applications still protecting surfaces and keeping them free of deterioration.


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  • Why Choose
  • Technical Data
  1. Industry proven, protecting structures around the world in the most extreme climates.
  2. Cold, spray applied for fast effective application with no need for complex equipment. 
  3. Simple and effective sealing of complex, critical details and penetrations.
  4. Easy and quick to apply, speeding up construction programs.
  5. Applied in two separate color coded coats, aiding on-site quality assurance and ensuring a defect-free waterproof barrier.
  6. Forms a tough, flexible seamless membrane with no vulnerable joints and is resistant to attack by oil, fuels, chlorides and dilute mineral acids.
  7. Highly durable, it will outlast the typical design life of highway and rail bridges, resulting in large savings both in current and future maintenance costs.

 Eliminator System components

System components: A rapid cure, cold applied system, forming a flexible, chemical resistant and  seamless waterproof membrane with no vulnerable joints.


Up to 80% lighter than mastic asphalt, Bridgemaster® is a 3-in-1 waterproofing, wearing and anti-skid solution to allow increased traffic loads on bridge decks and other high trafficked areas.

The ease and speed of application to concrete, steel or aluminum substrates results in minimum disruption.

why choose Bridgemaster

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  • Why Choose
  • Technical Data
  1. Up to 80% reduction in weight over mastic asphalt, enabling increased traffic loads on structure.
  2. Provides a waterproof finish with high wear resistance.
  3. System can be tailored to individual project requirements.
  4. Does not slump or run. Ideal for ramps and high gradients as well as decks.
  5. Long service can be further extended by reapplication of skid/slip finish.
  6. Rapid cure, even at 32ºF, ensuring a rapid return to service.
  7. Rut resistant, even at elevated temperatures.
  8. Sealed surface provides low maintenance finish and superior aggregate retention.
  9. Any damage to overlay can be easily repaired throughout the life of the structure.

Bridgemaster system components

System components: Bridgemaster® is a fast curing, cold-applied, resin-based slurry combined with an aggregate overscatter and sealer.


The Integritank system is the best value waterproofing solution for construction projects where quality cannot be compromised. Suitable for a range of applications including cut-and-cover and immersed tube tunnels and plazadecks, it’s quick and easy to apply, speeding up construction programs.

why choose Integritank

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  • Why Choose
  • Technical Data
  1. A seamless liquid spray applied membrane with no vulnerable joints that will last the design life of the structure.
  2. Simple and effective sealing of complex, critical details and penetrations.
  3. Easy and quick to apply, speeding up construction programs.
  4. Applied in two separate color coded coats, aiding on-site quality assurance and ensuring a defect-free waterproof barrier.
  5. Cures rapidly, enabling the system to be trafficked typically after 1 hour.
  6. Forms tough membrane, resistant to site traffic with generally no protection required.
  7. No root barrier required and UV resistant (can be left permanently exposed).
  8. A cross-linked chemical bond between coats is achieved at any time with no restrictive overcoating time. Allows phasing of the works and effective repair should any damage occur.
  9. Applied and fully cures in the widest range of temperatures, enabling year round application.
  10. Suitable for application to concrete, masonry, steel and some plastics.

Integritank system components

System components: Integritank is a liquid applied, fully reactive, elastomeric membrane based on unique resins that cure rapidly to provide a tough impermeable waterproof membrane.

Safetrack MTI

Micro-trenching is a less invasive, cost-effective way of creating a path for fiber optic cables. It involves making a shallow trench in an existing road or sidewalk.

At Stirling Lloyd, our MTI micro-trenching system allows you to implement lower cost, long-lasting installation of fiber optic cables. It’s also less disruptive and inconvenient to drivers and the local community. You also benefit from:

  • Long lasting, attractive results
  • Cable demarcation to lower risk of future damage


why choose Safetrack MTI

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  • Why Choose
  • Technical Data
  1. Free flowing, self-consolidating material - completely fills the trench, without compaction.
  2. Supports the trench on both sides.
  3. Forms a strong bond between the cut faces of the micro-trench - helps the road retain its integrity.
  4. High modulus material - will not rut or deform under traffic.
  5. Cold application with no hot trades - safe to apply, both for the operative and when in close proximity to the public. Ideal for multi-site utility reinstatement work.
  6. Exceptionally quick installation and cure with minimal preparation equipment - rapid return to service and minimum disruption to the local community.
  7. High daily outputs - cost effective application.

System components: The system comprises a tough, impermeable waterproofing finish and a fully compatible, durable slip resistant surface.

Project Support

Take advantage of our full-spectrum support service. We’re happy to lend a helping hand during the design process, manufacturing and project sign-off.  

No matter your project, no matter its stage, we are here to assist you as needed.

Our Support:

  • Tailored Seminars

These sessions, conducted at your company location, provide an ideal way to gain valuable knowledge on standards, technical expertise, best practice and our industry-leading products.

  • Site Surveys

We offer a free site survey, allowing us to detail the potential complexities that will need to be considered prior to a project start.

  • Design & Specification

Our unrivalled technical expertise ensures that you will receive the most appropriate advice right from the start, setting your project up for success from the very beginning.

  • Manufacturing

Stirling Lloyd develop and manufacture at our own facilities, ensuring we have complete traceability and quality control over our products at all times.

  • Application Services

Stirling Lloyd provides on-site technical support to 'Trained Operatives' authorized to apply our products and systems. These Operatives have undergone intensive theoretical and practical training to maintain their skill base.

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If you are committed to quality application, believe in offering your customers the very best solution and customer service, we’d like to hear from you.

By becoming a Stirling Lloyd Authorized Applicator, you’ll get access to on-going training, on-site support as well as support from our customer service and technical teams. Get in touch today to learn more about becoming a Stirling Lloyd Authorized Applicator.

Case Studies

Coatzocoalcos Tunnel, Mexico

Read how Integritank was applied to over 28,000m² of the Coatzacoalcos Tunnel in Mexico's external surface whilst in dry dock, providing a watertight, chloride-resistant, flexible and protective barrier to water ingress in this case study.

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Robert Moses Causeway, New York, USA

Read how the Eliminator system waterproofs and extends life of the Fire Island Inlet Bridge on the Robert Moses Causeway, New York, in this case study.

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Sheffield Junction Intersection, USA

Read how the Eliminator waterproofing system overcomes adverse weather conditions on a large scale rail project at the Sheffield Junction Intersection in Kansas City in this case study.

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Hampton Roads Midtown Tunnel, US

Read how the integritank's application and in-situ performance ensures waterproofing success at busy tunnel.

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Fast 14, USA

Read how Integritank was applied to 14 bridges in 10 Weekends in the Fast 14 project for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation on the busy I-93 (Interstate 93) near Boston.

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