Hytec is a loose laid, flexible polypropylene sheet waterproofing membrane offering exceptional physical performance properties. Joints are completed by heat-welding.

Developed specifically for fast track limited possessions for rail operators when deck and climate conditions are uncertain, and on masonry arch bridges where no continuous deck exists.

Hytec is approved for use in accordance with Network Rail Specification and is SERCO PADS registered (0028/980492).


Smedley Viaduct, UK - Hytec (1 of 3)

Smedley Viaduct, UK - Hytec (2 of 3)

Smedley Viaduct, UK - Hytec (3 of 3)

Moorcock Viaduct, UK - Hytec

Irwell Street Viaduct, UK - Hytec

Irish Rail, Cork, Ireland - Hytec

Technical Details

  • Ideally suited to concrete, steel, iron and masonry rail structures, with loose-filled, ageing or friable substrates.
  • Approved for use in accordance with Network Rail Specification.
  • Naturally flexible material; no plasticisers to leach out.
  • Sheet membrane can be seamed on site or preformed into large sheets off site.
  • Speed of application and weather tolerance vital for overnight and winter possessions.
  • Effectiveness across a wide range of temperatures -40 to 140°C.
  • Extremely high tear and puncture resistance.

System Components: Hytec

Hytec Technical Data



Related Products

  • Geo 1000 is a non-woven needle-punched geotextile. It has a wide range of uses, including:
    • Integral and non-integral protective layers with Stirling Lloyd’s rail bridge waterproofing systems
    • Protection against coarse backfill to membranes on buried structures
    • Separation and filter layers on civil works

Approvals: Hytec

  • United Kingdom
    • Network Rail - Conforms to Railtrack Specification NR/L3/CIV/041, Issue 3 August 2008
    • Network Rail - Statement of Conformity No. CC / 0017

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