The Integritank system offers benefits that make it the best value waterproofing solution for construction projects where quality cannot be compromised.

Used on a variety of major construction projects including structural waterproofing, roofing, basement roofs, podium decks as well as civil engineering applications such as tunnel lining and tanking. 

For use in confined spaces, we have developed Integritank HF. 

Stirling Lloyd's Tunnel brochure is accessible here, discover our waterproofing solutions for watertight tunnels and shafts.

Tunnel Brochure

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Buenos Aires Metro, Argentina - Integritank

Croydon Tunnel, UK - Integritank

Krajsky Urad, Czech Republic - Integritank

Hampton roads tunnels, Virginia, USA - Integritank (1 of 2)

Hampton roads tunnels, Virginia, USA - Integritank (2 of 2)

Beckton Pumping Shaft, Lee Tunnel, UK - Integritank.

Spinnaker Tower, UK - Integritank.

Al Zeina Project, UAE - Integritank.

Technical Details

  • Tough, fully bonded system with exceptional resistance to site damage.
  • A seamless, liquid spray applied system with no vulnerable joints that will outlast the design life of the structure.
  • Simple and effective sealing of complex, critical details and penetrations.
  • Easy and quick to apply, speeding up construction programmes.
  • Applied in two separate colour-coded coats, aiding on-site quality assurance and ensuring a defect-free waterproof barrier.
  • Cures rapidly, enabling the system to be trafficked typically after 1 hour.
  • Forms tough membrane, resistant to site traffic with generally no protection required.
  • No root barrier required.
  • UV resistant (can be left permanently exposed).
  • A cross-linked chemical bond between coats is achieved at any time with no restrictive overcoating time.
  • Allows phasing of the works and effective repair should any damage occur.
  • Applied and fully cures in the widest range of temperatures, enabling year round application.
  • BBA Certified advanced resin technology.
  • Suitable for application to concrete, masonry, steel and some plastics.
  • Full range of compatible accessories available.

System Components: Integritank®

Integritank Build-up


System Components: Integritank® HF

System Components Integritank HF



Approvals: Integritank® (Structural Waterproofing System)

  • United Kingdom
    • BBA - Certification For Tanking (Cert. No. 93/2933)
    • BBA - Certification For Liquid Roofing (Cert. No. 03/4060)
    • BBA- Approval For Use In Roof Gardens & Green Roof Specifications (Ref: M2/52812)
  • European Union
    • CE marked and Certified to be in compliance with BS EN 1504:Pt2:2004.
  • Czech Republic
    • Czech Authorities Testing Body
  • France
    • CEMETE (French Power Industry Laboratory) - Approval for French Nuclear and/or other Power Industry. Tanking of containers for low level waste Clauses 2.3.6., 2.3.7., 2.3.15., 2.3.16.
  • India
    • Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

Approvals: Integritank® HF (Internal Tunnel Waterproofing System)

  • United Kingdom
    • London Underground Limited (LUL) - Product Registration No. 1975
  • India
    • Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

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