High Friction Surfacing

Improving safety is the major reason for use of high-friction surfacing, designed to reduce braking distances and skidding especially in emergency or wet conditions.

Typical uses include approaches to pedestrian crossings, junctions and roundabouts, as well as tighter radius bends and cycle lanes. Our Safetrack High Friction Surfacing range is designed to reduce the risk of loss of control accidents by providing anti skid dressing and road retexturing.


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High Friction Surfacing (HFS), also sometimes referred to generically as "anti skid", is defined very specifically in the UK and providing a Skid Resistance Value (SRV) of 65 or greater. We have a range of skid and slip resistant surface coatings (see also Safetrack CT and Safetrack SC) but where the highest skid resistance is required, and specifically for High Friction Surfacing applications, Safetrack HW provides the ultimate solution to the shortest possible stopping distance in wet conditions.

These hardwearing road surfacing material finishes are safe and quick to apply, minimising downtime and costs, and are available in a variety of colours for visual impact and demarcation.

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