Micro-trenching is a technique for building high speed fibre broadband infrastructure at much lower cost and much higher installation rates than is possible using conventional trenching techniques.

It is used to install micro ducts for optic fibres into highways and footways.

Conventional trenching is slow, damaging to the highway and disruptive to local residents and traffic in a street. Micro trenching allows the fibre infrastructure to be installed at 5x the normal installation rate and at 1/3 of the normal cost. But adequate and appropriate reinstatement of the asphalt layers is essential for success and Stirling Lloyd leads the world in this technology.

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Unlike these traditional methods, Stirling Lloyd's revolutionary Safetrack MTI micro-trenching system enables a cost effective, long lasting cable installation.

It causes minimal inconvenience to the surrounding community, and long lasting, aesthetically pleasing end results.

Plus during future site work, the yellow indicator clearly shows the existence of fibre, reducing the risk of accidental damage.

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